Monday, November 30, 2009

Ok, so I just got yet another message on my answering machine where a pre-recorded robot-y woman's voice says she has a message for "Scott Tuttle". Then she says if I'm not Scott Tuttle, please call this number so I can remove my number from their records, and then another robot woman's voice comes on and reads a phone number like it's the single most boring phone number she's ever had to say out loud, or like she's only doing this job for the money and it's been a really long day. Then the first robot woman says that if I am Scott Tuttle, I need to call a different boring phone number and reference a super boring account number, and that by even listening to this part of the message, I am acknowledging that I am in fact Scott Tuttle. Did they think I would scramble to shut my machine off when they shifted the focus to the real Scott Tuttle? Who leaves messages like this? What is this shit about?? Should I just pretend to be Scott Tuttle and find out? What the fuck kind of name is "Scott Tuttle"? Can he even be real? Can robots really get bored? I have so many questions.

Here are some songs I posted on my tumblr within the last month or so: The Parasails, Bumrocks (bored warp mix), Vincent Gallo, The Crossfires, Ornette Coleman, Moondog, some Thai stuff, Abner Jay, Blonde Redhead. I update that shit pretty consistently, so if you're coming here looking for stuff, maybe you should go there? At least for the time being? New posts will be up here soon-ish, though! Also, new geneva13 will be out even soon-isher! It'll include my picks for Christmas songs that are kind of great and kind of not on Sunny 102 and Warm 101.3 and the rest of the holiday/John Tesh/Delilah stations (assuming I finish it in time). Wowee! It's cold, and time to eat. Be back later.