Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Evening didn't come with a lyric sheet.
But it's so goddamn good! I wasn't prepared for how great this Nite Jewel LP was going to be, and I liked her (their?) 12" on IDIB and everything. The synths are farty and blorpy. It's kind of a dorkier, more relatable version of Glass Candy, which I'm all for. And it's super catchy and not in-your-face, and there's some '80s moping, and there's one song that's a total Arthur Russell thing. And some of the textural background-y stuff has made me say "that's fucking awesome" out loud even after 5 or 6 straight listens. The video for "Artificial Intelligence" isn't what I would've done, but whatever. If you and your friends are out late and then you come home, but you're not tired, and you sit around and make jokes about naming your kids "Shithead" and "Fuckface", this record will sound fucking PERFECT, and that's really what matters. Oh and the Gloriette logo is the best logo I've seen in a while. Also: Are you a girl? Do you want to start a band like this with me? Let's do this. Bonus points for girls who also want to do a band like Middle America, although if that happens, I'll probably ask you to marry me, just a heads up. Another also: These mp3s were made by someone else, from vinyl, and it sounds like they didn't have a good pre-amp/signal booster thing. So they're kind of quiet, but maybe that adds something.

Nite Jewel - "What Did He Say"
Nite Jewel - "Lover"
Nite Jewel - "Weak For Me"

This Fucking Sucks fucking rules!! I've been lobbying for the official release of the full TFS record for years, and now I know why. Oh and I was totally going to say something about Food Of The Gods, but now I don't have to. They nailed it! I guess right now I'm on the fence about Reading Rainbow; cool songs that I can't get out of my head, but a little bit of a cheese factor (lots of animal talk). Slightly less on the fence about Invasion, although I need to hear the rest of the record. Oh shit, did I mention Ducktails already? Go ahead and give me grief about the name, fucking 7" kills! Tapes are probly good, too, but my tape decks are out-of-order. Leah, did you bring back my boombox? Or wait...did you have it? I'm gonna look right now.