Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey! Sorry, this is another micro-post. Just wanted to say I'm deleting a bunch of files--pretty much all the mp3s from the latter half of 2007 through the first couple months of 2008. Spring cleaning, I guess. You have a week to listen to those songs, possibly download them, possibly love them, possibly turn your brain into mine, slightly. Then they're gone forever and you're stuck with the brain you already have, which is fine. So that's it. Oh and Freak Scene is back and functional and it's off to a great re-start. I think there've been three new posts so far. Also, Maggie Lee, who became one of my favorite photographers after I saw THIS, has been doing a thing on Vice called Zine Creamers, which should tell you everything you need to know about how awesome this girl is. Really cool shit, including (I think) Cassie Ramone's old zines, like I needed more reasons to love her. So good. But yeah. I guess that's really it. I feel like I should recommend some songs. I got nothing. Honestly, I've just been listening to Stan Getz a lot. What a nerd! The record he did with Luiz Bonfa, Jazz Samba Encore!, is great. I thought it was just a Sunday morning record, but it's more like an everyday all-the-time record. That'll change when I get my copy of Hallow (which is STILL AVAILABLE?! WHAT?!), but until then. Oh wait, this popped in my head the other day. OK, now I'm done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yoooooo! Here's a mid-March round-up. New issue of geneva13 is out and includes a column by me about Classic Arts Showcase, Harry Pussy, and Vothana, among other very important things. For those who already read it (or even those who haven't, or would prefer not to), some related listening: Chunklet, "Mic Check", Maria Callas, Eugene Onegin, Palatka, singer from the Black Crowes, Tyler (pictured), LVTN. Meanwhile: I hadn't been to Soul Sides in forever, but they put a ton of good shit up over the past few weeks. Check out Moses Dillard (and "Move On Up" while you're there) and...well, I was gonna say Pi-R-Square and the original version of "All Falls Down" with Lauryn Hill, but they're not up anymore. You'll just have to take my word for it. Chain and the Gang LP is out and at my house but I haven't listened to it yet. I'm seeing them (but really HIM) in April, on the anniversary of the birth of the Leah. Other things worth noting are "Crawl Babies" and "Should I Tell You". All I wanted to do on my drive home from work was listen to Maiden, specifically the part that kicks in at 1:46. Girma Hadgu's "Ené Alantchi Alnorem" is also good, maybe even better, especially on a nice day like this where I shouldn't even have to work, then drive home from it, then be on a computer. I do have the shades open. More posts soon.

ps -- check out kevin13's journal of urinals he's used in Ireland so far (wait, maybe it's Scotland).