Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey, real quick: Check out this Aaron Neville shit, back before he was dueting with Linda Ronstadt (sp?) and soundtracking commercials about cotton undies. It's so good. Everytime I hear it I start daydreaming about making a movie that starts with a shot of the lighthouse out at Sodus Point that has a graffiti drawing of a giant dick on the side facing the water. I saw it when my friend Melinda was in town last month. We drove around listening to almost nothing but Elvis Radio on Sirius. I heard "Mystery Train" just as I was getting into work yesterday and I was like, "YESSSSS" when it came on. I never thought I'd be that way about The King, but now I'm totally that way. So there's that. Also, I'm drinking vodka and lemonade out of a Charlie Brown cup, listening to Don't Look Back from the other room, packing slowly. My new neighbor has lupus and offered to find me a free love seat. New place is either alright or completely ridiculous depending on the day. Regular post tomorrow or Saturday, probably. Oh and new geneva13 issue coming soon (I think?)!

PS--I can't get this out of my head (Jarmusch mania lately).