Monday, May 31, 2010

I'll be pretty much basically internetless for a couple weeks, but I swear you won't even notice. In the meantime, check out some things, starting with "The Other Girls". I know I mention Vivian Girls all the time, and if you're not interested, fine. Be that way. But I like that Cassie Ramone sometimes has a Stevie Nicks voice without trying (it's more pronounced on "Moped Girls"), and I'm 100% down with a chorus that goes "I just wanna spend my time inside my mind". Also, it starts with a crazy fake-out, like Costello's "Man Out Of Time" and Beauty Pill's "Rideshare". Also, it's 6 minutes and kind of builds to something. Also, it's just good. Elsewhere: I've been listening to the White Fence record all the time, Helium videos are enjoyable, Personal & the Pizzas are the best band going. Oh and my friend Kelley, who does a great blog called Psychedelic Elvis, will be in town this week spinning oldies, which should be ragical. So yeah, lots of things. See you soon from my new place above the jewelers and the salvation army, next to the upstairs bank offices! See you in the car, best wishes, Milhouse.